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Mark A. Pederson, D.C.
Family Chiropractic,
Warren, MN

I took my first Nutrition Response Testing(SM) Basic Seminar and started practicing it in my chiropractic clinic over two years ago, thinking that “I was doing alright and I would do the Advanced Clinical Training somewhere down the road”.

Looking back now, I just can’t figure out why I waited so long! As I was going through the ACT modules, my patient visits more than doubled ! And that’s with literally NO advertising! None what-so-ever!

As I applied what Dr. Bryman, Dr. Ulan, Dr. Lori and Dr. Scott taught me, my clinical results got better and better and the patient referrals became more and more. Using the technology gained through the ACT classes there is no one I am not willing to test. Thank you, UNS!