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Nutrition Response Testing Workshop

This 2½-day workshop (taught in Clearwater, FL) will answer the question “what’s next?” after you attend the Nutrition Response Testing seminar in your area.

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This workshop builds upon the foundation of Nutrition Response Testing and gives you greatly expanded confidence and knowledge. You will:

  • Get five times the clinical solutions (and drilling) for handling the five hidden barriers to healing
  • Learn how to address your non-responding, “stuck” or “blocked” cases
  • Learn and drill advanced procedures on how to handle the “roller-coaster” case.
  • Receive an abundance of clinical “pearls” in the four-hour segment that is dedicated to increasing your knowledge on nutrition.
  • Learn about a special analysis tool that validates (and can show your patients) exactly how well and how fast their case is responding… which leads to better patient compliance.

This program is a nutritional “boot camp”. When you are done you will have a markedly improved certainty and confidence in your clinical skills.

Pre-requisites to this seminar: None, but if available in your location it will be helpful to have attended Dr. Freddie Ulan’s Introduction to Nutrition Response Testing, a free Study Group, and/or a Nutrition Response Testing Seminar.

Bonus! Your own personal health check is available at no additional cost.

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or contact the Basic Services Registrar at 866-418-4801 to sign up.