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The Fourth Leg of the Clinical Mastery Table: The "You" Component

Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN

This is the last in a series of articles covering the secrets behind the million-dollar nutritional cash practice I established in tiny Glens Falls, New York.

I’ve compared your practice to a table of 4 legs (components):

1.    clinical skill that reliably produces great results;

2.   effective nutritional patient management;

3.    practice management for expansion;

    and one more...


Once you have attained a high level of clinical knowledge and skills; have mastered the procedures for the most effective patient intake and patient management possible; and have studied and learned the key factors of effective practice management—what more can there be?

Why is it that — after years of study and multiple seminars that promise instant results in new patient acquisitions, patient retention and compliance — there are still so many doctors amongst us who are still struggling with mediocre practices?

I have discovered the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT COMPONENT in the quest for true clinical mastery. This component can greatly enhance or seriously defeat any and all progress, regardless of intelligence, clinical ability, patient management and practice management skills. It is the one remaining component that until now has defied systematic improvement.

I call this most vital component the “YOU” component.






Assuming you have learned how to improve your clinical skills, attract new patients, and get patient compliance/retention, as laid out in earlier parts of this series, but you find that there still seems to be SOME BARRIER to your success, it is possible that there is one more component to be mastered: YOU.

This is good news and bad news.  The bad news is that unless you have the exact technology of personal enhancement, you are stuck with the limitations you are currently trying to overcome.

You probably already know what those limitations are. They are right there manifesting in your practice.







The YOU component has been solved!

Your self-imposed barriers can be erased.

The external barriers can be blown through and vanquished.


What's the SOLUTION?


We have an exact way of measuring the parts of your YOU component. This analysis is available to all of our clients to identify the exact characteristics that are acting as a barrier.

Each of these characteristics of "YOU" can then be addressed and improved through very specific training and drills. They can be brought into balance. The result will be a new YOU who is much more the you that you always knew you were.

All of this and more can occur by fixing the YOU component so your practice becomes a mirror image of a greatly enhanced YOU.

What used to be called “charisma” or considered the result of "genes" is actually a package of abilities which can be improved by applying the correct technology—and assessed as precisely as doing a correct Nutrition Response Testing body scan.

I have yet to meet anyone who did not have some room for improvement in this most vital component of clinical mastery.

With the all of the above being said, this brings us to the conclusion of this series. I hope that you got some good tips and that you've had some "aha!" moments reading our series.

In conclusion, I do have a question for you, a question that I want you to ask yourself: How stable is your "table"?

How healthy is your practice? Is your practice solid on the ground and growing, or is it wobbly because different legs of your "table" are unequal?

The best way to answer these questions is by filling out our Practice Analysis that can then be analyzed and reviewed with you by one of our highly trained Practice Success Coaches.

The normal cost of our special Practice Analysis is $295. But I am going to offer it at NO charge to any of my readers who have followed this series thus far.

Just click the Free Practice Analysis button and you are on your way.

One of our Practice Success Coaches will help you, at no charge, to evaluate the strong and not-so-strong points of your practice--and, most importantly, what you can do to improve them.

I look forward to seeing you all on the other side.


Committed to your success!














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The Fourth Leg of the Clinical Mastery Table:
The "You Component
by Dr. Freddie Ulan

For more information, email or call 866-418-4801 Ext. 303.


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